Art and Design


We are proud to present a ‘first and total innovation’ in the funeral industry an alternative to costly precious marble, stones and granite, yet reproducing their very same visual effect and qualities, at a far lower cost.

Tymos is a leader in innovative cemetery art and top quality precious stone-like headstones and tombstones.

Occasionally used by Funeral Homes as provisional covers too, while awaiting the ultimate stone monument.

For their nature, TYMOS products can totally substitute common and standard headstones, due to their long life and capability to stand any severe weather conditions.

Product Made in Italy, based on the Italian Architect Leonardo De Carlo's design and project, with absolute and fastidious care for details.

Sturdiness: while availing ourselves of top quality materials, our lab is continuously searching for better and longer lasting weather- and impact-resistant materials.

Stacking: thanks to their ergonomic design our tombstones can be easily stacked so as to save storage and freight costs.


  • A “First” Total NOVELTY in the Funeral Business

  • A beautiful & unique “Show-Off” Considering standard tombstones, it is next to impossible to tell the difference from any known standard stone monuments.

  • PRICE (1). Up to ten times (and more) less expensive than marble and other precious stones!

  • PRICE (2). For much less affluent clients: an absolutely perceived value ideal solution to reward their loved ones with a classy monument at a very accessible cost.

  • FOR THE FUNERAL HOME: For affluent clients, a further negotiation tool: a TYMOS tombstone can be used as a “temporary” (and even proposed “for free”), while awaiting the preparation of the final marble (or other precious stone) monument.

  • FOR THE FUNERAL HOME: Very Important! Because of its design, sturdiness, quality and long lasting TYMOS TOMBSTONE allow for considerable mark-ups otherwise unthinkable for the equivalent marble monuments.

  • FOR THE FUNERAL HOME: Design Flexibility: TYMOS, based on quantities to be agreed upon, can supply Funeral Homes with their own preferred design and artistry tombstones.


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